Sunday, June 3, 2012


Usually, I am annoyingly indecisive.  I dwell.  And mull things over.  Forever.  When I moved in to my house I painted my bedroom the same color as my old room.  Mostly because I thought I had enough left paint left over so it would save a little money.  I didn't.  It was supposed to be a really light grey, but turned out to be almost lavender.  Not bad, just not me.  But I was determined to live with it because I had already painted it.  No one likes painting enough to repaint within months.

Except for crazy people like me.

Anyway,  I really wanted some color in the room, it was feeling a little drab.  I was having a really hard time finding curtains to match the room and also give it some spice.  These were a definite no.

In the store, they were a cute mustardy color.  Hanging, they were old grandma gold color.  No thanks,

I went back to target about 4 times before I got the same curtains in black in white.  Blah.  They didn't look bad, but the room was definitely missing something.  My bedding is white, my headboard was grey and white, and the walls were lavender/grey.  I'm already falling asleep thinking about how boring.

I've been reading the blog Young House Love for awhile.  If you haven't heard of them, you should definitely start reading.  They are basically the king and queen of house blog land.

They gave me my inspiration in their guest bedroom.  So I woke up one morning and decided to just buy the paint and go at it. If I couldn't find curtains to match, I'll just do things the hard way and match the curtains with color instead. Also that weekend I mowed the yard and cleaned most of the house.  What was I thinking?  Anyway, after 2 full days of work, definitely no more blah!  You'll have to wait (not 3 minutes.) for the reveal because I have more changes to share with you.

I had also been pining over iron beds for awhile.  I found a couple on craigslist, but they were far away and a little more than I wanted to spend.  My mom happened to mention it once when talking to my Aunt Suzy, and she said "well, I have one on the porch you can have".  Hallelujah!

My cousin had used it and painted it blue and yellow.  You haven't seen my paint color yet, but I'll just tell you that the blue and yellow wasn't going to cut it.

So I set up shop in my garage and spray painted the whole thing white.

Side-note: probably would have been a better idea to do this outside.  I definitely underestimated the overspray of the paint.  Everything (Everything!) in my garage is a little bit lighter now. Just a little dusting.  whoops.

Fast forward about a week to let it dry...and ...

Please excuse the laundry pile.  You can't do everything in one day, and laundry definitely gets procrastinated.

It's hard to really get the color right.  You should read Young House Love's post about it.  Their color is  almost the same as mine and they are much better photographers.

Notice how Thursday is in the same spot in all these pictures.  She would not get up for me to make the bed better, so the quilt is wonky.  Such a stubborn spoiled brat dog.

Anyway, I am absolutely loving my new room! What a difference a can of paint can make! 

And did you notice my lovely artwork? It fits so well in the room!

Someday I might rip up the carpet and try to see what the hardwood looks like underneath, but that sounds like way too much work for the moment.  Until I get my next impulsive crazy mood again.