Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year, New Bathroom.

So about those Christmas posts I promised...Sorry about that.

I didn't even take many pictures this Christmas! There was too much unwrapping, singing, laughing with friends and family, party planning, and real life I suppose.


Seeing as it's been more than a month, (almost 2!) there's some house stuff to catch you up on.

The biggest thing happened this last weekend.  I bought a new shower curtain and some paint, happy to give the room the desperate love it needed.  Seriously, holes in in the walls, a random washing machine and beige, beige, beige.  My washing machine is in the bathroom while my dryer is in the garage. It's sad.  And weird.  They are lonesome for each other and I can't wait for them to be together again.  Doesn't it sound lovely? 

In a perfect world, I would have all new walls, beautiful sparkling tile instead of the nasty plastic walls around the tub, and state of the art washer and dryer with beautiful open shelving instead of the weird closed in cabinet that is there now.  One out of three's not bad, right? (sorry about the pictures, they're from the trusty iphone.)

My mom was going to meet me Saturday morning to start painting.  When she got here she said "I brought your Dad to look at the cabinet" and here we go jumping from a small paint job to a demolition project. Poor Dad. 

So we talked about it for awhile, laid out the Dexter tools, and just started prying things off the wall.  Underneath the layer of drywall was some beautiful wallpaper. 

Well, beautiful for the 1950s.

I cut out a big piece to save and will probably frame it somewhere.  It's nice to let the house remember where it came from. 
After lots more prying and sawing, the thing was down! 


So. Much. Space!

I love the wood paneling! I'm planning to just leave it open and go over it with some sort of sealant.

My poor roommate.  With little warning, she had to live for a weekend with a washing machine in the middle of the kitchen, a light switch hanging precariously from the ceiling, and a crazy roommate.  Sorry about that!
Here's a picture of the old cabinet.  See how the light switch was nestled nicely in there? Ya, it's still just swinging from the rafters at the moment. (Go home light switch, you're drunk.)
I have plans though, good ones!

I think my mom and I spent 3974 hours painting the bathroom this weekend and 3847 of those were spent on the gem of a cabinet.  I love the scrolling and the character, but that pink counter has got to go.  Someday.  And todays is not that day.  Maybe it will grow on me?  Actually with the new paint color, it doens't seem to stand out quite as much.  We'll see. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a grand reveal, but I've still got a ways to go.  Painting touch ups, trimming the wood section that I ripped apart, and building the open shelving. 
I am loving the new bathroom-even in the chaos!

And since what's a blog, without a picture of Thurs...

You're welcome.