Saturday, August 10, 2013

The New Jacobs

Oh heeeeey guys.  Remember me?


Anyway, there's been a lot of projects happening lately, the most extravagant and exciting being little BoBo's wedding!

He finally put a ring on it in February after 6? 7? years of dating. side note-they don't know when their first date was.  It was that long ago.

Rehearsal Dinner

I've been so proud of Jennifer and her planning/organizing skills.  February - August really isn't much time to plan for the biggest party of your life. For all she talks about being paralyzed by decisions, she's made so many choices one right after the other. Everything was so beautiful. I know we've all asked this before, but what did we do without Pinterest? As essential as the internet itself.  Or pizza.

I'm pretty sure Bobby had zero idea what he got himself into.  Marriage he was ready for.  Wedding planning? Threw him for a loop.  At dinner about two weeks before the wedding after a long day of cutting burlap, measuring lace, and picking out songs, he asked, "Are we done talking about the wedding for today?" We all just looked at him like he was the last little pitiful puppy for sale at the pet store.  But he made it!

One of the things I remember about the day was how HAPPY they both were.  The pictures prove it, and I can't wait to see what the videographer caught from the day.  I have all my fingers crossed that he got Bobby's impressive dance moves in the dance circle.  That's definitely replay through the years worthy.

This was the most fun I've had at a wedding in a long time. Maybe because I knew a lot of people there, or because I was happy to be a part of the start of a new family, but it was probably because of the photo booth.

I have had more fun looking at these pictures.  The rest of Saturday into Sunday I kept looking at the ones I brought home and could not stop laughing.  Then  I found out they were all posted on facebook through the photobooth's website.  Hilarious.  No one surprised me more than my cousin Mimi.  I have NEVER seen this many facial expressions for one person in my life.  She's a rockstar.  Maybe she takes lots of selfies for practice.  :) Love you!

This is definitely a day for the books, and one I pray the details won't easily be forgotten.

I loved being a part of this wedding, and love that I now have a sister-in-law. I know this means life will be a little different, but if I was a betting (wo)man, I'd say it's a change for the better.

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  1. the photo booth props are the best! Love all the pics!